Gerald is a wonderful example of Gods grace. We are so proud of Gerald and his family and were thrilled when he came and told us that he felt that God wanted him to help at our homeless mission HILL

​               ANITA BUTTERS


Anita is our Director of Social Needs and our Women's Ministry and is in charge of our clothes closet and our food pantry.    She is the wife of Michael Butters. Anita is

always ready and willing to do whatever is needed.

In 2004, after serving as founding pastor of Sugarloaf Baptist, Heber Springs, Ar. (he served Sugarloaf for 18 years), Lloyd formed a 501(c)3  ministry called FREEDOMWAY Ministries, a multi-denominational faith based Christian mission to inmates, ex-offenders, their families and those in the prison of addiction. 


Activity Center

Phil had great Christian parents and was raised in a small conservative Baptist church in the Corning, AR area. His spiritual roots run deep. However, alcohol addiction sent him to prison twice. Even though he has a Master’s Degree in history, his teaching days in public school were over.  Phil is our Tuesday night Bible teacher and Sunday Morning Worship Leader.  

Kevin learned life the hard way. Drug addiction sent him to prison, but his Christian raising brought him back to Jesus.  Now he follows Jesus and is actively involved with his father in the mission of FreedomWay.       

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             KEVIN BLANTON

             MICHAEL BUTTERS


Coming out of prison, God  provided FreedomWay Ministries where Michael found fellowship with Christians that gave him an anchor to help keep him headed in the right direction. In 2013 God called him to preach and share His Word. He now serves as Lloyd’s  Ministry Assistant, C. R. Teacher, Sunday preacher and Director of Hill of Hope.

                  PHIL CATE